woman strangled

Danger of Strangulation

In the past, strangulation has not been taken as seriously as a crime, particularly in the context of domestic violence situations. Strangulation, sometimes referred to as choking, is the use of hands or an object to restrict blood flow and/or air flow to the brain by compressing the neck.  While some may treat this as just another assault, strangulation is far more dangerous. Strangulation can cause injury to the brain resulting in permanent damage. Even without externally visible injuries, a victim can die weeks after being strangled from internal injuries. Additionally, strangulation is a major red flag for lethal domestic violence situations. According to the Strangulation Training Institute, women who have been strangled by their partners are 750% more likely to be murdered than domestic violence victims who have not experienced strangulation.

If you or someone you know has experienced strangulation, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately, even if the assault occurred weeks prior.