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Sponsor Spotlight: Dave Jingo

Dave Jingo has been in the television business for over 30 years.  His clients have included the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Clinic, Great Lakes Science Center, and University of Akron. Dave has edited and produced many television shows, including “Urban Cancer Project: A Family’s Story”, for which he won an Emmy Award. 

In 2010, Dave partnered with his brother Bill to produce a documentary about their high school football team. “Thirteen and O: The Story of the 1981 Canton McKinley Bulldogs” was created. Dave directed the interviews and edited the film.  The result was not just a highlight film, but a story with very human overtones that demonstrated young men from all walks of life coming together to achieve a common goal.

In 2012, Jingo Media, LLC, was formed. Now located in Columbus, Dave and his new company concentrate on producing, directing, and editing films and documentaries as well as corporate projects.  Recent projects include “The Yank” (2013), a comedy about a Cleveland guy with Irish roots who looks for love in his native land and is surprised by what he finds.

Dave co-produced and edited “Misunderstood: The Cookie Gilchrist Story” (2013). Cookie (a star football player from Pennsylvania) was an early advocate for civil rights and players rights who paid the price for it. The film has won several awards including best long form documentary at the 2013 Los Angeles All-Star Sports Film Festival.

In October, 2017 Dave released his latest film, “Timeless Rivals”, which chronicles the 125 plus year history of the Canton McKinley Bulldogs-Massillon Tigers football rivalry. The film won an Award of Excellence at the Indie Film Fest.

Dave’s work for Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center includes victims’ rights public service announcement videos and radio spots, as well as web-based informational videos. You can see Dave’s work  and on television stations across Ohio. OCVJC thanks Dave for all his hard work helping spread the word about victims’ rights in Ohio.