Sarah Letson Headshot

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Letson

Sarah Letson is a volunteer writer who has generously volunteered her services since August, 2017. Her writing is featured every month in OCVJC’s newsletter. Sarah graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Screen Arts and Cultures. From there, she went to work in Brand Management for the Kraft Heinz Company, leading marketing campaigns on Lunchables, Oscar Mayer cold cuts, and Oscar Mayer bacon. She currently leads the innovation on Oscar Mayer bacon, from new product development to back-end commercialization and launch.

An avid writer and believer in giving back to the community, Sarah enjoys writing for OCVJC to explore victim advocacy and new developments in victims’ right's law. During her time writing for OCVJC, Sarah has explored topic areas including mental health, Marsy’s law, homeless youth, and teen dating violence.

OCVJC would like to thank Sarah for all her help and hard work!