Models of Justice Statuettes

2018 Models of Justice Award Recipients

On April 12, Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center and Farmers New World Life Insurance honored survivors, advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, legislators, and community leaders who have made significant contributions in protecting, preserving, and advancing the rights of crime victims. These individuals possess Courage to Fight, Strength to Heal, Power to Survive, and Leadership to Inspire. They are truly “Models of Justice.” This year’s awards ceremony honored eleven “Models of Justice.”

Marsy's Law History

In 1983, Marsy Nicholas, a University of California Santa Barbara student, was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend. After the crime, Marsy’s family suffered considerable distress, as they juggled coping with the loss of a beloved daughter while simultaneously dealing with her murderer’s presence in their town. In one instance, Marsy’s mother walked into a supermarket after visiting her daughter’s grave, and saw the accused murderer. She had no idea that he had been released on bail.

Marsy's Law Summary

Issue 1 - Marsy’s Law: Rights for Crime Victims

Constitutional Amendment

Effective February 5, 2018.


PLEASE NOTE: This explanation addresses the Marsy’s Law constitutional amendment only. Implementing legislation will refine and define many of the rights discussed herein. The goal of implementation language associated with Marsy’s Law is to ensure that it is easy and practical for crime victims to understand and exercise their rights.

April Brown Headshot

Volunteer Spotlight: April Brown

My name is April Brown, and I joined OCVJC’s team in November to help with event planning. I also volunteer for American Heart Association and Habitat for Humanity. I enjoy giving back to my community, spending time with my family, and making a difference in the world. I decided to join OCVJC because I believe that everyone needs a helping hand during their darkest days and should know that they are not alone. By helping with event planning, I will promote the services OCVJC provides, and help raise money to ensure this organization stays funded to serve victims of crime.

Sarah Letson Headshot

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Letson

Sarah Letson is a volunteer writer who has generously volunteered her services since August, 2017. Her writing is featured every month in OCVJC’s newsletter. Sarah graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Arts in Screen Arts and Cultures. From there, she went to work in Brand Management for the Kraft Heinz Company, leading marketing campaigns on Lunchables, Oscar Mayer cold cuts, and Oscar Mayer bacon.

Cathy Harper Lee Hugging

Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Party

Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center invites all past and present volunteers to join us for a Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Party on December 9th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The Party will feature a potluck lunch with staff providing the food. Volunteers are also welcome to participate in a white elephant gift exchange. Plus-ones and future volunteers are also welcome to attend. Please let us know if you will be attending by November 24th.

Kristen Saxton headshot

Welcome Kristen Saxton!

Kristen Saxton earned her law degree from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University in Newport, KY in 2016. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2013, majoring in Business Marketing. Kristen was assigned to the Child Protection Unit of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. As part of the Child Protection Unit, she intervened to protect, and in some cases, remove, abused and neglected children.

woman strangled

Danger of Strangulation

In the past, strangulation has not been taken as seriously as a crime, particularly in the context of domestic violence situations. Strangulation, sometimes referred to as choking, is the use of hands or an object to restrict blood flow and/or air flow to the brain by compressing the neck.  While some may treat this as just another assault, strangulation is far more dangerous. Strangulation can cause injury to the brain resulting in permanent damage. Even without externally visible injuries, a victim can die weeks after being strangled from internal injuries.

Sarah Larcade Headshot

Farewell to Sarah Larcade

The staff at Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center (OCVJC) wishes a fond farewell to Sarah Larcade. Results from Sarah’s hard work can be seen throughout southwestern Ohio. A consummate professional, Sarah devoted her work in the victims’ rights field to Title IX and helping sexual assault victims on campus. In one case, Sarah helped ensure a perpetrator was suspended after he assaulted multiple women. Title IX was not her only focus, as Sarah spent countless hours spreading the word about victims’ rights in meetings across southwestern Ohio.

Hope Finney Headshot

Hope Finney Farewell

Hope Finney joined OCVJC in December of 2015 as a Paralegal and Victims’ Rights Advocate. In the past year-and-a-half, Hope helped hundreds of victims across Ohio learn about, protect, and exercise their rights. She assisted victims throughout the criminal justice process and provided them the resources they needed. Hope served as a pillar of professionalism and kindness.