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Rights Focus: Hate Crimes

Hate crime laws are very different across the nation. Some state laws protect many more groups than other states. Ohio has a weak hate crime law, while the federal government’s law is much stronger and more inclusive. Learn more about Ohio and Federal hate crime laws.

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Guest Writer: Liam Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher is the Volunteer Coordinator for Stonewall Columbus. It is a fact that the LGBTQIA community is at increased risk for certain types of victimization. Learn more about crimes against trans persons. 

Rights Focus: Right to Prosecutorial Notifications

The right to notifications allows crime victims to stay informed as their cases move through the criminal justice process. Notifications are critical for numerous reasons. First, studies have shown that victims who are informed and allowed to participate in the criminal justice process are much happier and less likely to experience secondary trauma. Notifications also allow victims to take steps to protect themselves. Finally, notifications allow victims to exercise other rights, such as the right to be present during hearings and the right to be heard.

Guest Writer: Mender

Hi everybody! My name is Mender, and I am a service dog in training. I spend my days running around Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center causing trouble. I like to chase my tail for hours on end. But anyway, I’m here to tell you about the new my friends just created. The is so easy that even I can use it, and I don’t have thumbs!

Cathy Harper Lee speaking about Toolkit

Akron Beacon Journal: New, online tool kit will help crime victims navigate their rights; Judge Carol Dezso honored

Crime victims in Ohio may not be aware of the more than 650 rights they have under federal and state law.

A new, online tool kit is aimed at helping victims to navigate these protections that follow them from the hospital room to the courtroom and beyond.

“We’re hoping the tool kit will provide them with the information they need,” Cathy Harper Lee, who heads up the Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center that is launching the tool kit, said Tuesday during a Victims’ Rights Week luncheon in Akron.

Lee said the tool kit is the first of its kind in the world.

Akron Beacon Journal: Surviving victim can testify in Eric Hendon’s triple-murder case; Summit County judge denies defense request for sanctions

The surviving victim in a triple murder will have her day in court.

Summit County Common Pleas Court Judge Amy Corrigall Jones on Monday denied a request for sanctions against Summit County prosecutors in Eric Hendon’s murder case. One of the requested sanctions would have barred Ronda Blankenship, who survived the shooting rampage that left her boyfriend and his two teen-age children dead, from testifying.

Blankenship was pleased by Jones’ long-awaited decision on the sanctions question.